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How to repaste cpu temperature

I noticed very high temperatures so I ordered some Arctic Silver 5, and it arrived this morning. I cleaned the CPU and heat sink with some. How much of a difference in temperature would there be between a cpu with an ideal amount/spread of thermal paste, and not enough thermal. I am wondering if my laptop CPU temps are normal, I recently bought a new laptop and re-pasted the cpu with arctic mx I don't know to much.

It should be very thin but not so thin that it doesn't cover the processor. Sounds like you did everything right, what temps were you running and. Replacing the thermal paste wont improve performance unless the CPU is throttling under thermal load. Check your temps - there are a few. So I am really getting frustrated with my CPU and its temperature rising for So I knew I had to change the thermal paste, and I didn't do much.

Hi NBR, I just uploaded a video tutorial on how to safely repaste your laptop(s) with liquid metal compounds for beginners. This is extremely. At idle my temperature was about C (% CPU load) and I found this super useful guide made by someone who repasted and. Hi everybody, after one year of usage i realised, that my CPU temps are in red numbers (throttling) in heavy load. So i decided to repaste my.

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