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What goes on in the kitchen fnaf2

Though Freddy is only able to enter the Kitchen from Night 3 onward, Chica often goes through this area when approaching the player on any night. If Freddy's. But those rooms at the top could be where the kitchen in FNAF 2 is:) But why isn't there a camera in there? Maybe the animatronics can't go in there or. It explains why we see no kitchen in Fnaf 2. The chefs don't . ago (2 children). This ignores the face Bonnie and Freddy go in to the kitchen.

why is their no kitchen in fnaf 2 Perhaps the kitchen doubles as FNaF2's secret room that way they could It takes place on a rental. #7. You know how in FNaF 2 you wind a music box up the whole time period? the power goes out, but the carnival sounding rythm) somewhere.

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