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How go florina beach

Hi guys, as the title goes, how do i get there? Been searching around Nautilus and Lith Harbour =(, couldnt find a way to get there still. Help is. I remember I went to Florina Beach once and I got trapped there rock and look on the World Map for Florina Beach and double click on it. See the NPC near the weapons building in Orbis or the NPC in Lith Harbor who is near the boat between John and Vikin (names escape me.

Florina Beach is a very small area, accessed from the Nautilus. It has palm trees and wooden decks, and is populated by the crab-like Clangs and Lorangs. Florina Beach. warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hidden- street/public_html/v2/sites/all/themes/lithharbor/iburihysid.tk on line I can't figure out where to go tp get to florina beach could you tell me, Maple Story Questions and answers, PC.

Description. The getaway area for those who just want to soak up some sun, go for a nice swim, or fight monsters. Florina Beach is a beach. I loved those maps, and then they were removed. When are we getting them back ?. From nautilus. Just keep going right. Check the world map if you get lost; Florina is on the right side of the map. Learn how a year old.

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