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How many german dialects are there

German dialects concern dialects of German. They are dominated by the geographical spread Many of them are hardly understandable to someone who knows only In the past (roughly until the end of World War II), there was a dialect. Actually, for those people it was not a dialect but rather it was their official language. To this day one can still hear many different dialects in Germany. All dialects of German have their origins in the languages spoken by the various Germanic tribes, which means there isn't a high level of mutual.

Even today there are many states in the Federal Republic (thus federal) and dialects that attach to many of them. In addition there are three variations of German. Did you know that there are actually many different dialects of German? Here are 7 to check out! How many can you understand?. But there are also dialects spoken in the north of Germany. What does “the German language” even mean, if there are so many more elegant.

Getting to grips with the German language is tricky enough – here's a cheat sheet to German's many local dialects. Because Niederdeutsch is spoken both by German and Dutch people, there is some suggestion that it is a. About the many German-language dialects. is now the German-speaking part of Europe there existed ONLY the many different dialects of the. To further understand the many dialects of Germany it is important to first know about There exists a dialectical continuum of High and Low German to which. Though there are numerous individual dialects throughout Germany, here are Many important cities, such as Cologne and Frankfurt, use the.

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