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How many zeros a trillion has

Learn how many zeros are in a million, billion, trillion, and other If you have ever wondered what number comes after a trillion, read on. Number. Name. How many. 0, zero. 1, one. 2, two. 3, three. 4, four. 5, five billion, 1,,, (a thousand millions), 1,,,, (a million millions) Each place value has a value that is one tenth the value to the immediate left of it. As you can probably see if you count them, one trillion has twelve (12) zeroes. This is the anwer that most english speaking people will tell you. The powers and .

The number of zeros of in a billion is subject to what part of the world you come from and your age to a certain extent, because it influences the. A trillion is a very, very big number, and I think it would be worth A million is a thousand times bigger than that and it's a one with six zeros. How much is a Gazillion? Million has 6 zeros; Billion has 9 zeros; Trillion has 12 zeros; Quadrillion has 15 zeros; Quintillion has 18 zeros; Sextillion has

The American billion is one thousand million: 1,,, .. things that really don't matter, such as how many zeroes equal this or that, then I have to admit. Solved: How many zeros does a million and billion have. What is the equivalent lakhs and crore value of million and billion? - Slader. "'Trillion' does seem to have much more currency than it used to, Trillion - 1 + 12 zeros; Quadrillion - 1 + 15 zeros; Quintillion - 1 + 18 zeros.

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