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How to add insulation to your attic

Because the simplest and cheapest way to insulate an attic is to add material to the floor. But if the floor is covered in plywood, you can't stuff enough insulation. Typically, houses in warm-weather states should have an R insulation in the attic, whereas houses in cold climates should have R These insulation levels . If you need to add insulation in your attic, save big by blowing in cellulose insulation yourself. How much does attic insulation cost? The pros charge $1, to.

Now that you've air-sealed your attic and basement, check your attic insulation levels and add more if necessary. The attic is the easiest place to add insulation. A qualified home energy auditor will include an insulation check as a routine part of a Check the attic, walls, and floors adjacent to an unheated space, like a. If the air distribution is in the attic space, then consider insulating the rafters to If you replace the exterior siding on your home, consider adding insulation at the.

If you already have six inches of insulation and you want to get to the recommended R, add an "attic blanket." It's also made of fiberglass, but it has no paper. A poorly insulated attic can cost you a lot in unnecessary heating and cooling costs. Fortunately, updating your attic insulation is an easy, do-it-yourself project.

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