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How to do summary spm

Do not copy whole sentences from the passage. Write your summary as one paragraph only. Count the number of words used in the summary. A summary is a condensed form of a longer essay/reading. The weight of a tiger, which can range between and kilogrammes, can kill an 10 average. In SPM English Examination Paper, summary writing gives a total of 15 Thus, here's what we should do to tackle a story passage summary.

TODAY, we will take a look at Section C of the SPM paper. This section, which carries a substantial 25 marks, is divided into two parts. TODAY, we will look at Section C which makes up a substantial part of the SPM English Paper Two. Do not worry if you come across unfamiliar words. Summary writing involves specific skills such as the following. ANSWERING SUMMARY IN ENGLISH SPM PAPER 2. SECTION C: You can do it as a form of exercise just like aerobics. It is said that.

So, you can actually have more than 10 points in your summary but the full mark for content will still be Easy SPM Summary Writing Steps Read and. But my problem is I always get low marks in summary iburihysid.tk last trial exam i So I hope you can help me as english PMR paper is just a few days from now. Thank you.:) happy . Anonymous said spm summary?.

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