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How to get good kid icarus weapons

For Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled to get a strong weapon and want to know how can you find one that is really good. I have a whole bunch of weapons that aren't better than the ones i use right now. How do you better weapons with more stars and abilities?. In the Kid Icarus series, Weapons and enchantments can be obtained from Zeus in When the chamber is entered, Zeus will make Pit go through his training.

I used to have a Black Club value, but I had a fusing frenzy and it turned into a Halo Club value. I'm still t.., Kid Icarus: Uprising. The best way to get good weapons is to complete chapters in a high intensity level and then fuse your weapons to get better ones. Don't forget you c.., Kid Icarus. Trust me when I say this: The best weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising is the They have good homing, and are good for melee, but usually have a.

Kid Icarus Weapon Unlocks Guide Boss Weapons Boss weapons require you to complete Great Reaper Palm: Complete Chapter 4 Ch Gemini Orbitars: You cannot get these unless you fight Dark Pit in the Undeground. Weapons number in the hundreds throughout Kid Icarus Uprising. Read the Weapon Fusion Guide if you are looking to make unique weapons.

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