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How to get tested for monogenic diabetes

Information for physicians about monogenic diabetes & MODY testing from Quest The diagnosis and management of monogenic diabetes in children and. For one example, people are often told they have Type 1 or Type 2, when they actually have MODY, sometimes called maturity-onset diabetes. A screening approach for monogenic diabetes is needed to accurately select suitable patients for expensive diagnostic genetic testing.

Describes rare forms of diabetes that result from mutations in a single gene. Discusses diagnosis, genetic testing, and counseling. Blueprint Genetics' Comprehensive Monogenic Diabetes Panel Is ideal for patients with a clinical suspicion of monogenic diabetes or neonatal. A correct diagnosis can help people get the right treatment. For example, some children with monogenic diabetes are misdiagnosed with type 1 diabetes and.

Diagnostic testing for maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) should be performed where it is going to change clinical management. This is likely to be in . Because MODY shares some symptoms with types 1 and 2 diabetes, the majority Genetic testing for MODY is available and can help diagnose the majority of. There are features that make one suspect a monogenic cause for someone's diabetes. Typical features to look for include: • Family history of diabetes diagnosed. It is currently too expensive and unnecessary to offer genetic testing to everyone with diabetes so we need to identify those patients most likely to have a.

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