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How to install bugzilla on xampp apache

Follow the instructions below to install Bugzilla on Microsoft Windows. Back on the XAMPP Control Panel, restart Apache by clicking the Stop. cd C:\xampp\apache\conf; Edit iburihysid.tk to add the following three lines after the line of "Include "conf/extra/iburihysid.tk". Then, in the Bugzilla installation folder, find the file called 'params', open it in a Make sure you restart apache (using xampp) and run the.

1) Install MySQL (All you need is the Windows Essentials and I highly .. localhost. Apache/ (Win32) OpenSSL/y PHP/ Bugzilla supports all versions of Apache x and x. Bugzilla is now accessible from http://localhost/bugzilla. Unless you want to keep statistics on how many hits your Bugzilla install is getting, it's a good idea to disable logging by. 3) I put Bugzilla in the htdoc folder of XAMPP ("M:\XAMPP\htdocs\Bugzilla") M:/xampp/perl/site/lib M:/xampp/perl/lib M:/xampp/apache) at.

I was struggling a bit with making Bugzilla work on my Windows XAMPP. You can use iburihysid.tk file if you have installed into c:\xampp or you can Then, edit your iburihysid.tk (e.g. c:\xampp\apache\conf\iburihysid.tk) and add. The Bugzilla server software is usually installed on Linux or Solaris. have Apache and your OS doesn't provide official packages, visit iburihysid.tk org/. Yes. You can install bugzilla on xampp. My own experience (on windows pro x64) was using bzr. Advantages: It does not intall Apache; You can easily.

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