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How to make a wave bottle

How to Make a Wave Bottle. Using oil and water, you can make a miniature ocean inside of a plastic bottle. Oil and water naturally separate. Can't make it to the beach? Bring the science of ocean waves home with this fun earth science-related craft. A wave bottle is an easy sensory bottle for kids to make and then explore to see what they find in their ocean. Making waves is so much fun!.

It was SO easy to make, and you likely already have everything you need on hand. The way the waves roll cascade inside the bottle is just beautiful, and. Explore the wonders of how nature works with wave in a bottle, a fun science experiment and learning game. Kids will discover how and why. Ocean in a Bottle: An ocean in a bottle is fairly quick and simple to make. Ta-da ! Rock, tilt, and shake the bottle to enjoy the fascinating, elegant wave patterns.

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