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How to make junk mail art project

Recycled Junk Mail Feather Art - could be cool as bird cutouts Similar ideas Live Your Art: What to do with junk mail - making journals with envelopes. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Junk journal, Art diary and Art journal inspiration. Junk Mail Crafts: How to Make Unique Projects With Recycled Paper. Our recycling is full of junk mail and election flyers. Junk Mail Art thicker weight of these election and junk mail flyers for this project. Next, use a scissor to cut out the droplets, making sure to cut outside the black outline.

How to create a simulated mosaic out of junk mail. With a few on-hand art supplies, this project is basically free. Oh, and it's so easy. Project. Here are some ways to reduce the junk mail in your mailbox and ways to get crafty with the rest! Use paper cut techniques to make junk mail art. 7. Fold up a . Over at the blog Grow Creative there is a fun and I bet kind of zen tutorial on how to make recycled junk mail art. If you like cutting stuff up and putting it.

This is what you need to make this junk mail wall art plaque. dried Mod Podge from previous projects, because when I run it over the paper it. Tuck pictures and graphics (cut out of junk mail) into a file that can be flipped through any time you want to create a collage or other visual art.

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