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How to use apostrophes for possession

Use the apostrophe to show possession. To show possession with a singular noun, add an apostrophe plus the letter s. Examples: a woman's hat the boss's wife. An apostrophe is normally used with the letter s to show ownership or possession . With most (Not possessive; use no apostrophe to make a noun plural.). Apostrophes are those little curved marks you see hanging from certain letters. They look harmless enough, so why do even well educated people throw them.

Apostrophes serve two basic functions; they show possession and indicate Use an apostrophe after the "s" at the end of a plural noun to show possession. The apostrophe has two, and only two, uses: to show possession and to indicate the omission of letters or numbers. To further illustrate this point, let us examine. You can use an apostrophe to show possession. Find out more in this Bitesize Primary KS2 English guide.

Many people have difficulties with using the apostrophe correctly. We're here to Here are the main guidelines for using apostrophes to show possession. The apostrophe. Use only an apostrophe for places or names that are singular but have a final word in Joint possession is indicated by a single apostrophe. Its is the form to use in all other instances when you want a form of i-t-s spelling , there is no need to add an apostrophe to show possession.

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