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Lip plates how do they eat food

They don't have much to do here which is why drinking is a common pastime. The local guide tells us that the tribe only eats two meals a day, one in A fellow tribes person reminds her to put in the lip plate, and she does. On the contrary, usually they only put them in when serving meals to their men, That means they eat without the plate, meaning their stretched lip hangs down. They eat the same way you do -- they put the food in their mouth and chew it. When in private, however, older women often remove their lip.

When lip plates are worn, the lips are stretched so far out of proportion that it looks as though eating, drinking, talking, or kissing would be impossible. They think lip plates are a thing of beauty, and it is also a source of. Although very unique and part of their tradition, the Mursi women only wear the plates for a short time because they are so heavy and. Some, but by no means all, girls persevere until their lips can take plates of 12 Obviously, like all teenagers, they feel some degree of peer pressure, but many.

Mursi women are famous for the wooden and clay lip-plates with which they deco r a te . they prepare lip-plates to sell to tourists, or hearing my host mother refer to her .. If she takes food, she will feel ashamed and afraid of the men. She will . p l a te and walk into a big hotel to g e t h e r, where ev e ryone is eating, the.

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