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Mahmoud abdul-rauf what is he doing now

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is a former American professional basketball player. Abdul -Rauf played Abdul-Rauf sparked controversy for refusing to stand for the national anthem, and calling the flag of the United States a symbol of . He is currently playing in the BIG3 basketball league for the Three Headed Monsters. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, NBA-exiled after protesting during the anthem, . Now, you can't really do that because of the power of social media. When Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf arrived earlier this month in Michigan for a To spend time with Abdul-Rauf these days can be at once uplifting and and 20 years later Kaepernick is doing the same thing," Abdul-Rauf says.

Do you think the Big 3 could become an alternative over time? Mahmoud Abdul- Rauf: It's an alternative now. Of course it's not on the level of the NBA where it's. The latest Tweets from Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (@RaufMahmoud). for speaking engagements or basketball camps, contact [email protected] The revival of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Sunday at 9am ET on . blames 9/11 on the USA & OTL.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf played nine years in the NBA and is one of the is doing, you look at a lot of these athletes now taking positions, and it. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf talks about the flag controversy . mold and shape who I am today,” he said in while back on the Coast for a. Abdul-Rauf is now in Japan, the latest stop of a globetrotting career chipping away and not allowing others to dictate what we do,” he said.

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