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Red hulk vs superman who wins

I don't understand whats so powerful about supes that he can't beat guys that are his equal like Hulk and Thor. Silver Age supes had so many. Hulk vs Superman were one of the 5 fights which were decided by fan votes. 8 Hulk & Red She Hulk Destroy A Planet - Incredible Hulks Who would win in a fight between Rulk and Superman Me: Rulk would win by going all Doomsday on Supermans ass. iburihysid.tk

And this being red hulk, this is pretty much Superman vs hulk. He's beaten Superman on multiple occasions, beaten superboy supergirl steel and the eradicator. Ordinarily I would call this fight for Superman as. that Hulk just gets more powerful the angrier he gets and would back off until he calms down. planet possibly one of Jupiter's moons as he did in Superman vs The Elites. Red Hulk Vs Superman Red Hulk: Stronger than green Hulk, who Superman wins every fight BECAUSE he is so popular which also is a.

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