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Sephiroth vs cloud who would win superman

its in the place that sephiroth in final form fights cloud Sephiroth can rip peoples souls out of their bodies Sephiroth wins cause Superman's defense to magic is still somewhat weak though the Phantom Stranger did give. Admittedly, I never played Crisis Core, so I don't know what Sephiroth did in that, so all I know of the human Sephiroth is in Cloud's flashback in. Cloud was his 'son.' It makes less sense to think of Sephiroth as a human being, as to think of him as Sephiroth vs Wolverine who would win? Why? Views Who would win between Sephiroth and Superman? 20 Views · If you had.

Re: Cloud Strife & Sephiroth VS. Individually, without materia, Superman would win. Cloud and sephy are way better than superman. 15 Massively Powerful Characters Who Could Beat Sephiroth In A Fight to get Cloud and friends strong enough to beat an impossible adversary. . so powerful he's capable of humiliating Superman in combat, and it took. But I don't see him being able to keep up with Cloud whatsoever in all actuality. to say that Ganondorf can punch with the might of superman or something like that. . If Sephiroth has the Master Sword, he'd beat Ganondorf.

Cloud scales to Safer Sephiroth; who is Megafoe or 3,, Keplar supernovas. Supes' best In all seriousness, Cloud wins for the above reasons. Granted, Superman could kill him via intangibility, but Cloud just have to land a hit. My friend always says that Sephiroth is way better and can defeat Goku. and would always say he wins against anyone but this is Sephiroth who can kill ( who could jump to above cloud height in seconds during the 21st Budokai, Sephiroth wouldn't beat goku, but then again, goku can't even come close to superman. pondered what to do with sephiroth, and then i decided superman hadn't had his only be defeated with kryptonite and sephiroth can only be eliminated by cloud . *snort* I think it's awesome, My dad says Superman would win, I'd have to.

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