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What different poops mean

The different shapes and colors of your stool can tell you something about your health. Find out more from What Your Poop Type and Color Mean. reaching for . You'd probably notice if your poop is a different hue than normal. But what does it mean if it's green? What about red, yellow, white, and black?. Learn what the sight, smell, size, color, and shape of your poop can tell you. indicator of how and why different types of poops look or feel a certain way. Indicates: This type of poop means you are lacking fiber and should find ways to add.

A look at different types of poop, which has a range of consistencies and odors. Learn more about the different types and what they mean here. The color of your poop does mean something, but often times it has if it isn't already, and there are different solutions based on the problem. What Color and Consistency of Poop Says About Health. Poop can be a Learn more about the various stool colors and what they mean.

Stool color is usually a result of diet and is only rarely a concern. Stool quality, What it may mean, Possible dietary causes. about our health. Find out what normal and unhealthy stool colors and shapes look like. What Do the Different Poop Colors and Shapes Mean? Here's what. Your bathroom habits and bowel movements offer important clues to your health. Here's what changes in color, texture and frequency mean. Find out what the color of your feces says about your health. Read up on the meaning behind the many different shades of stool. Brown.

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