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What does distrained mean

Distrain definition is - to force or compel to satisfy an obligation by means of a distress. Definition of distrain - seize (someone's property) in order to obtain payment of rent or other money owed. Distraint definition, the act of distraining; a distress. See more.

Distrain definition, to constrain by seizing and holding goods, etc., in pledge for rent, damages, etc., or in order to obtain satisfaction of a claim. See more. Define distrained. distrained synonyms, distrained pronunciation, distrained translation, English dictionary definition of distrained. v. dis·trained, dis·train·ing. Define distraining. distraining synonyms, distraining pronunciation, distraining translation, English dictionary definition of distraining. v. dis·trained, dis·train·ing .

Define distrainment. distrainment synonyms, distrainment pronunciation, distrainment translation, English dictionary definition of distrainment. v. dis· trained. distrain definition: to take and sell property from someone who owes you money in order to pay back their debt. Meaning of “distrain” in the English Dictionary. Distrain definition: to seize (personal property) by way of distress | Meaning, Irregular verbs are verbs that do not form the past simple tense and the past. Distraint definition: the act or process of distraining ; distress | Meaning, pronunciation, translations Definition of distraint from the Collins English Dictionary.

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