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What is vehicle registration mark vrm

VRM or vrm may refer to: Science and technology[edit]. Virtual Resource Manager, a Trebinje, Bosnia; Vendor relationship management, a category of business activity; Vehicle registration mark, the number on a vehicle registration plate. Help finding the VRM General Discussions. Total Posts: Basically, it means your Vehicle Registration Number, or 'Reg Plate'. VRM's (Vehicle Registration Marks) Personal Data "Registration marks are regarded as personal data in that an individual can be identified from their.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION MARKS including marks offered for sale and with The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations (obtainable . Whittamore was asked to do an address search for Grant and Hurley in south London and a vehicle registration mark (VRM) check relating to the Love Actually . We operate a Free VRM Lookup facility for people wishing to quickly view or try our data before sign-up. You may have up to 0 searches of any registration per.

VRM Web Lookup Help. What is VRM? Vehicle Registration Mark, or number plate. How can I access VRM Web Lookup? When you are logged into your Cartell. VRM. Vehicle Registration Mark, or number plate. Width. The distance in Millimetres between two vertical lines touching the opposite sides. VRM – Vehicle Registration Mark. Registration number to uniquely identify every road vehicle and more commonly known as the car number plate. 'The information in respect of VW Golf's [sic] will be adequate if accompanied by VRM's (Vehicle Registration Mark) – we can pursue an enquiry of the VRM to.

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