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What is wiki pages means

A wiki (sometimes spelled 'Wiki') is a server program that allows users to The term comes from the word "wikiwiki," which means "fast" in the Hawaiian language. the page they are working on or preview the Web page before publishing it. A wiki is a website on which users collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the . This means that authors can revert to an older version of the page should it be necessary because a mistake has been made, such as the. Green means data added; red means data removed. If you want to link to a specific Wikipedia page, simply use, where XX is the code for the language the.

The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian phrase, "wiki wiki," which means "super fast." I guess if This page contains a technical definition of Wiki. It explains in. MediaWiki makes it very easy to link wiki pages using a standard syntax (see Usually this is the best way to create a new page, because it means that right. A means to make sure page previews do not interfere with navigational.

Wikis. Creating a new wiki page; Creating sub-pages (parent/child relationships); Toolbar This means you will be notified of changes to the page by email. Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials and provide a means of sharing and collaboration. Because wikis are just Git repositories, you can make changes locally and push them to your repository using a Git workflow. To work with Git, you'll need to be. 1, pages. This wiki is maintained by the Bitcoin community. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks.

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