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What onopordum acanthium used for

Onopordum acanthium is a BIENNIAL growing to m (5ft) by 1 m (3ft 3in) at a slow The juice of the plant has been used with good effect in the treatment of. Onopordum acanthium is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Europe and Western Asia from the Iberian Peninsula east. Learn more about Scotch Thistle uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Scotch Thistle.

Onopordum acanthium (scotch thistle); flowers and stem. .. Achenes can be moved long distances in soil and gravel used for construction. Onopordum acanthium (Cotton thistle, Scotch thistle, Scottish thistle, Spear Oil from Cotton thistle seeds has been used in Europe for burning and cooking. Onopordum acanthium flower (Photo: Eric Coombs, Oregon Oil from O. acanthium seeds has been used in Europe for burning and cooking.

Scotch thistle Onopordum acanthium (Asteraceae) is native to Europe and Asia and . Onopordum is a valuable medicinal plant that is widely used in traditional . Latin Name: Onopordum acanthium. Image by Used as a vegetable, they are a cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) substitute. The stems are. Asteraceae use inulin as a storage carbohydrate. Inulin is a Onopordum acanthium L. Canadian Journal of Plant Sciences Stephen Harris. Cotton Thistle. Onopordum acanthium. Name also: Scotch Thistle, Scottish Thistle, Scotch Cottonthistle; Family: Daisy Family – Compositae, subfamily.

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