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You are what you eat poem

You are what you eat by which I mean what you eat is eating you. A poem written by Starlight of Love Through Living, enjoy. They tell me i look like you / every contour shape is / shadow of your ages / passed down / the self reward to. Sparrowsong would you like a snack? A snack? Yes What are you having?.

You Are What You Eat Poems. Examples of all types of you are what you eat poems. Share, read, and learn how to write poems about YOU ARE WHAT YOU. You Are What You Eat. So Say No To Junk! by Sonia iburihysid.tk McDonalds Pizza Hut we love to go. For chocolates chips n candy we never. You Are What You Eat by Kelly iburihysid.tk the beginning art imitated life Shells festooned necklaces Paintings of faunae adorned cave walls Great.

My mother always said / You are what you eat / My laughter would shake the whole wide bed / Imagining what that would make me! / As I grow older / And no. Read You are what you Eat from the story Poems for Body, Life, & Soul. by mhixz_07 (ᗰᕼI᙭ᘔ_07) with iburihysid.tk are what you Eat " You are wha. The phrase means that to become healthy and fit, one needs to eat balanced and good food. For instance, if you eat consistently a variety of life-sustaining.

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