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How to long hair french twist

When you're in need of an elegant hairstyle, try the classic French twist. If your hair is long, thick, and heavy, using pins will help to keep it up all day long. probably the best french twist hairdo how-to I've seen for long hair. Read it .. Inside out pony tail technique hair long hair updo braids diy hair diy bun hairstyles. Nothing says chic like a French twist. But the traditional style can seem a bit intimidating to pull off. Here's a simpler take. (In this story: Hair, Erika Wightman.

Start with hair that hasn't been washed in a day -- it's hard to do a French twist with clean hair because the pieces will fall out. Use a curling iron to add texture to . Check out all the newest 10 Fresh Twists on the French Twist that work for just about any hair type and length.

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