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What is the mental health continuum

Being classified as mentally healthy is not so cut and dry. There is a large spectrum, or continuum, of mental health on which one can fall. In this lesson you' ll. Mental Health. Continuum Model. iburihysid.tk Content and illustration adapted with permission from resources created by the. Mental Health Continuum Model. The Mental Health Continuum Model recognizes the spectrum of health concerns, both mental and physical, which may impact.

Approximately 90 % of youth who die by suicide have a mental illness, with more than half having major depression.1 2 Clearly, we can't address youth suicide. Well-being is all about the quality of life a person perceives him or herself to have , regardless of whether a mental illness is present or not. Mental health exists on a continuum. It can change - move up and down the continuum depending on different circumstances - and can get better or worse.

The Mental Health Continuum: From Languishing to Flourishing in Life*. COREY L. M. KEYES. Emory University. Journal of Health and Social Research J Health Soc Behav. Jun;43(2) The mental health continuum: from languishing to flourishing in life. Keyes CL(1). Author information. Regardless of shoulder flash, level of tri service or agency served, mental health can creep into our lives and families! And just like the use of.

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