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How to attach camera to telescope

To attach your DSLR camera (without the lens) to the telescope's eyepiece focuser, you need a T-ring that matches to your particular camera's. A lot of telescopes come with the ability to attach a camera, unfortunately, what the adverts don't say, is that you need a driven (motorised). The answer is yes, it's possible to use a camera and telescope together. You can find telescope attachment kits, and many photographers engaged in wildlife .

You need two pieces connected together, which can then be mounted to the telescope eyepiece mount and the camera lens mount. Then you add a Telescope camera adaptor, this unit screws directly to the “T” Mount's thread (right hand side of image) – and the male fitting (silver section at. Afocal method (Through the telescope Eyepeice method) In Prime focus method you basically remove the telescope lens and attach the DSLR camera to the.

Attaching a Camera to Your Celestron Telescope, a great way to take pictures of terrestrial objects or even pictures of the moon. This video is a.

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