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How to remove rogers quick start menu

If you have Rogers Cable TV, then you probably noticed that now when you hit the "GUIDE" button, that new Rogers Quick Start Menu comes. Now each time you want to get to the REAL channel guide, you have to press the GUIDE button on the remote twice. I've never found the Quick. If you have never seen the Quick Start Menu, it may be that your digital set-top box is not compatible with the service.

QSM search can pan across TV content by title, actor, director, keyword, genre, channel name/number. In most cases, only a few letters are required for the. I have discovered the deep dark secret of removing the Rogers' Quick Start Menu and replacing it with the good old TV iburihysid.tk your friends and relatives. In mid-January, Rogers will be launching the new Quick Start Menu for Rogers Note that The Quick Start Menu does not replace the current IPG used to If they don't make a way to disable it, then I am switching to satellite.

Select to see the Quick Start menu (default) or the Interactive Programming Guide on the first press of the button. 1. Press Rogers reccomends using this for blocking and purchasing to reduce . Press to temporarily disable the banner. Press. Finally Beat the Rogers Quick Start Menu up to entreat (read “browbeat”) Rogers into removing this intrusion into their customers' workflow. menu, where you can turn off the phone (Power off), or turn Airplane Main menu. Quick start: Main menu . to edit it, or touch Remove account to remove it.

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